Who we are

VIB-ISO is a company founded by engineers dedicated to developing vibration isolation and seismic restraint systems that exceed our customers’ expectations and demands. Nearly 40 years of engineering experience has allowed VIB-ISO to create industry leading solutions and systems that exceed other offerings on the market. All of our products are proudly sourced and Made in the United States.

We are innovative

VIB-ISO’s VIR patent-pending system is the first vibration isolation rail system on the market to be designed to meet all IBC 2012 requirements. We design all of our products around the principles of 1) proper isolator efficiency, 2) meeting the code, and 3) ease of installation.

We are evolving

VIB-ISO is always designing, developing, and improving our product lines. We have recently expanded our line of individual isolators and are currently working on additional fan and small inertia-base unit isolation and restraint products. If we do not currently make it, but you want it, we will work hard to make your product happen.